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MERBE Earth (& Moon) Albedo Changes

The Authagraph Earth maps show at what geographic positions there has been statistically significant solar heating or cooling, due to Earth albedo changes. Globally, Arctic heating is balanced by increased reflectivity in blue elsewhere, perhaps indicating a negative cloud feedback.


Again Globally, as in Fig.(c) below. The planet has no statistically significant changes to solar energy entering Earth through reflectivity changes, with 95% confidence.

Above is an Authagraphic photo of Earth showing continents and longitute/lattitude lines below areas of statistically significant warming and cooling of Earth, purely due to albedo changes


As shown in Fig.(a), the solar flux measured arriving at Earth is stable to 0.1%/decade, so cannot cause current global warming.

Fig.(b) Shows MERBE measurements of unchanging lunar Albedo, proving its calibration is stable over time.

Fig.(c) Shows no change in Earth Albedo relative to that of the Moon, indicating global warming is driven by greenhouse gases, rather than the Sun.

(a) Changes in the solar flux arriving at Earth as measured by SORCE. (b) MERBE measurements of lunar albedo by the two most used instruments CFM1 and CFM2. (c) Earth albedo changes relative to that of the Moon.

For every Earth footprint, the MERBE Fourier series tensors generate a MODTRAN spectra for clear, cloudy and allsky scenes, as visualized in the animation:

Animation above visualizes instantaneous spectral signatures of different IGBP scenes on Earth, as used for unfiltering MERBE radainces.

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